A Blank Banner – Build your own Banner

A Blank Banner – Build your own Banner

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Premium Base

Premium Base Our Premium Stand base is a top-quality roll up banner stand that is multi-use, can be 're-skinned' and used for permanent display. It saves on floor space over the Standard base that has swing-out feet. This is a high-quality solid stand made from thick aluminium with a flat sturdy base.

Premium Base
Standard Base

Standard Base Our standard base roll up stand is perfect for short to medium-term events or as a stand that you intend to erect and leave for a longer period. This cost-effective stand is still of great quality and comes with a free carry bag.

Standard Base
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Make the most of your event, occasion, or space with a customised banner;

  • Choose, edit, print – All designs are fully customisable by you!
  • Choose a standard base or Premium quality base – details below
  • Select a design, change the text, images, and background colours to suit your needs
  • Set up and pack up quickly at trade shows or expos
  • Retractable banners come preassembled with a stand, banner, and a carrying case

If you’re looking for an affordable, high quality pull up banner stand for your next advertising or exhibition event Banner.ie offers a great choice.


Blank Banner – Build your own Banner

Get creative and design your banner from Scratch!

If you’re looking for an affordable, high quality pull up banner stand for your next advertising or exhibition or personal event, Banner.ie offers a great choice.

Whatever your budget or delivery needs there’s an ideal product for every situation. Our pull up banners are, 850mm wide and 2020mm high.

Printed on 250 grey block polymer, choice of aluminium frame and padded carry bag.

How it works:

To help you design YOUR banner, we have accumulated a range of templates.

If you like the look of our banner, then change the pictures, edit the text, upload your logo (if applicable), choose your stand (temporary or permanent), send to print, watch out for the courier within days.

Why are Roller Banners so popular?

Roller Banners are the most convenient and affordable pop-up display stands on the market. Simple to use by any staff member, the graphics panel is easily pulled out of the base, hooks onto the pole and neatly retracts back into the base after use. The complete roller banner kit is lightweight and folds into one easy to carry bag which requires little space for storage. The standard size of roller banners is 850mm by 2020mm which means they are large enough to get noticed and to make an impact, but small enough to slot into a limited space. Businesses are latching onto the versatile and cost-effective attributes of pull up banners and putting them to a variety of uses including trade shows, presentations, in-house promotions, and outdoor advertising.

Each roller banner kit includes:

  • Full colour printed graphic panel
  • Padded Carry case
  • Stable banner stand mechanism
  • Every stand comes with a quality guarantee

Need a Design?

Our in-house designer team can create beautiful bespoke designs for you.

Contact us directly for a quote below.


Design Templates

We provide templates in Adobe Illustrator, and PDF formats.

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